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Frequently Asked Questions

 Is The DoE Co. a good fit for my [insert business here]?

Absolutely. Whether you own a bike shop or a nail salon, whether you're an influencer or a wedding planner. The DoE specializes in small businesses. Whether you are a small-but-mighty solopreneur or a team of 30, we absolutely can work to find innovative solutions for your community needs.

My business doesn't have a community - do I need one?

Yes. When we use the term Community, we think about an engaged and connected group. For some, it may be helpful to think of their Community in terms of customers, members, clients. However, what The DoE Co. strives to do is transform those individuals into an engaged and connected group of supporters

My company is struggling in a changing marketplace. Can you help us stay relevant?

Definitely. For many small businesses, pivoting has become a necessary requirement to stay relevant. Many companies are shifting to an online or virtual platform. Building a dedicated community is essential in such times and The DoE Co. is experienced and prepared to deliver a tactical engagement plan.

Where can I find the price of partnership with The DoE Co.?

As all of our plans are completely customized, price is completely dependent upon the needs of your company. We aim to be accessible to all budgets and are cognizant of the financial allocations needed within small businesses. We offer an initial consultation at no cost, where we determine the appropriate fees, dependent on our assessment of involvement.

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