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The Process

First things first, we set up a time for your free initial consultation. This conversation could be in-person (post-COVID) or on a Zoom call. It could be a one-on-one call or a group call, depending on the level of involvement you'd like from your team. This consultation serves a number of purposes, but most importantly, it allows us to assess the growth potential and direction of your company. We cannot look to the future to grow without first assessing where we are!

  1. We establish the current state of affairs regarding community at your company. Whether you have a community that you are looking to grow, are lacking a community but ready to build one, or wish to evaluate the current level of consumer engagement.

  2. We discuss what engaging a new or established community can provide for your brand. An engaged community is essential for increasing revenue, encouraging word-of-mouth, and establishing the brand as a leader in your specific field. Especially in the current times, brands are looking to maintain customer interest and engagement as they shift to online or virtual platforms. The DoE Co. is equipped to guide your company's community without losing the trust and strength you've built.

Then we move into the fun stuff - we put together a plan of action. The DoE Co. will provide tactical steps towards your goal, providing whatever level of support is necessary. Each plan is completely customized to you, my lovely business-owner, and there are limitless shapes that plan can take. A few examples (and I do mean a few - remember, limitless options):

  1. A quarterly in-person event calendar for you and your team, research-based on your existing and potential audience.

  2. A social media campaign to drive traffic to your online sales.

  3. An event planned and executed by The DoE Co., highlighting the anniversary of your company or celebrating the launch of a new product.

  4. A single brainstorming meeting, bringing fresh eyes and creative solutions to break a plateau in growth.

  5. A continuing monthly partnership, where we meet on a monthly basis to assess and plan based on up-to-the-minute engagement.

The DoE Co. will use metrics, tracking, and feedback to plan and execute. But whatever plan we build, it's completely for YOU. Maybe in-person events sound intimidating to you - or maybe it's social media that's confusing. Some businesses will want an event planned and executed, others want to take the solutions The DoE Co. provides and execute it themselves. It's completely up to you.

The final part of the process is an assessment of the action plan, as well as next steps. Tracking the results of the action plan is usually a mixture of quantifiable metrics (attendance at events, new members, products sold, etc.) and qualitative metrics (surveying event attendees, word-of-mouth references, new client referrals, etc.)

At The DoE Co., our singular goal is to accelerate the growth of your small business, in whatever way works for you. You get to do what you're so good at, what has made you successful so far. And The DoE Co. has the honor of building and growing an engaged community who loves what your company provides. Reach out to us by clicking the "Book Now" button below or by visiting our "Get in Touch" Page. The initial consultation is free!

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