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The DoE Co.

creative strategies for community engagement

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About You

You, my savvy small-business owner, you know what you're doing. You've got the incredible product, the essential services, or the inspiring experiences the world needs. You are amazing!

But maybe the world doesn't know just how awesome your company is yet. Maybe you have a small-but-mighty community and are looking for innovative ways to engage them. Maybe you want to share the story and mission of your brand. Or maybe you don't yet have a community and are looking to build one!

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About Us

Think of us as the bridge between your company and the world you're going to change. At The DoE Co., we create customized, tactical plans and strategies to drive growth and engage your community. My incredible entrepreneur, the possibilities are limitless. Check out our 'The Process' Page for a look into what those options could be!

A successful brand needs an engaged community. Especially small businesses, who thrive on organic growth and word-of-mouth. The DoE Co. will help you find your community - and help the community find you. 

Home: About

About Emma

I'm Emma, owner of The DoE Co. - nice to meet you! I began my work as a Community Outreach Coordinator under a large Fortune 500 Brand, building the brand's presence and community within the DC/MD/VA area. As I established myself as a community engagement expert, I partnered with many small businesses and discovered my passion for supporting their vision and growth. That, mixed with my love of building & supporting local communities, led to the establishment of The DoE Co. in 2020. I live in Northern VA with my husband and two pups, Theo and Severus (Snape)!

Home: About
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